It was 2021 and clear that the Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental scene needed a change. Nestled to the south of the area are Surfside and Garden City Beach; beautiful stretches of the Grand Strand and home to many vacation rental properties with homeowners ready to break free from the status quo. 

BASK Away was founded to provide quality care to the homes under our management and unforgettable experiences to our guests. In our minds, you cannot have one without the other. Strong partnerships with homeowners to deliver the very best their homes have to offer, makes for happy homeowners, and ensures that our guests have the very best accommodations, fundamental to the guest experience.

Our Vision

To provide a luxury boutique-level experience in the markets we serve. We are focused on curating a quality collection of homes where the homeowner’s vision of success matches our own. Where the guests’ experience matters.

Our Expertise

The BASK Away team is essential to providing the service necessary to deliver on our promises. We combine strong industry knowledge, with skills from across various business sectors. This combination of skills allows us to compete with companies who have been in business for decades while thinking outside the box and implementing new ways to move the industry forward.

Our Innovation

We have implemented a sophisticated technology stack to ensure best-in-class revenue and operations management. We believe that optimization of our systems allows us to automate routine operations so that we can spend more time interacting with our owners and guests.

Ultimately, our aim is to create a deeper emotional connection with all those we serve.

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